Truyện Ngụ Ngôn Tiếng Anh


Những câu chuyện ngụ ngôn có thể nói là những tác phẩm mang ý nghĩa giáo dục, đạo đức cao. Mỗi mẩu chuyện thường áp dụng những hình hình ảnh ẩn dụ như nhỏ vật, cây cỏ, bé người,… nhằm lồng ghép vào những bài bác học chân thành và ý nghĩa nhằm răn dạy hầu như người. Trong nội dung bài viết dưới đây, Wow English ý muốn giới thiệu cho chính mình 5 mẩu truyện ngụ ngôn bằng Tiếng Anh giúp bạn vừa nâng cấp kỹ năng đọc hiểu giờ đồng hồ anh và đồng thời thu lại cho bản thân những bài bác học thâm thúy và ý nghĩa.

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5 câu chuyện ngụ ngôn bằng Tiếng Anh


The Ox and Frogs

On the outskirts of town, there once was a pool of water. Many frogs large và small used lớn live in & around the pool. They would hide under fronds và hop onto lotus leaves large as dishes.

Every evening, cattle would return khổng lồ their homes raising dust sky high. The ground would shake under the frogs and the cattle seemed like monsters to the trembling frogs. Their croaking would stop till the cattle passed.

One evening, a tired and thirsty ox waded into the pool. As he walked into the pool he did not realize that a little frog had gotten squished under his hoof. The little frog’s friends hopped away croaking loudly.

After the ox left, the little frogs approached a large old frog. They sobbed, “We saw a large quái thú today. It killed our friend.”

“Monster? A large one! Was it bigger than me, little ones?”

“Way bigger than you!”

The frog puffed himself up in annoyance and snapped, “This big?”

“No, much bigger,” claimed the frogs.

“You have not lost your tails yet, you tadpoles! Everything seems large to you,” croaked the old frog.

Now the little frogs laughed out loud, “We may be young and small, uncle, but you cannot ever be as big as that monster.”

This enraged the old frog. He puffed himself up and spread his front legs and puffed out his chest. But this time he had gone too far. He burst into pieces as the little frogs looked on in horror.

Belling the Cat

Long ago, on a farm in a faraway land there lived a tomcat. The plump mèo walked on padded feet. It would sit on bales of tốt or upon a loft or a window & pounce on mice when they least expected it.

One day, as the cát slept on the branch of a tree, the mice held a meeting in the barn. They discussed many ideas to lớn escape from the cát or get rid of it but could not decide on anything. Finally, a young mouse piped up, “Why don’t we tie a bell around the cat’s neck? This way, we will know at all times where he is & run away when it approaches.”

All the mice cheered aloud and slapped his back lớn congratulate him on such a bright idea.

Just then, a wise old mouse said, “The young one’s idea is excellent. All I want lớn know is, ‘Who will bell the cat?’”

All the mice looked at each other. No one dared approach the cat. Suddenly, a shadow loomed in the doorway. The mice scampered away. The mèo licked its lips và walked into the barn.

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The Wicked Wolf

An old wolf that could no longer hunt, found a dead deer in the jungle. He was hungry & greedy & afraid that the lion that killed the deer might come back soon. He gobbled up large chunks of meat, till a large bone stuck in his throat.

He let out a long loud howl. He roamed left and right and asked for help but who in their right mind would put their head in a wolf’s mouth!

Finally, the wolf met a young crane và promised her a big reward if she took out the bone. The greedy young crane decided khổng lồ help. With her long beak and neck, she easily pulled out the bone. The wolf promptly turned around & started lớn leave.

The crane said, “Hello, hello, what’s going on? Where’s my reward?”

The wolf said, “Reward? Didn’t I just give it lớn you? How many animals put their neck in the mouth of a wolf & live khổng lồ tell the tale? I have spared your life. Isn’t that the greatest reward?” He laughed and left.

Too late, the crane understood that the wicked never fulfill their promises.


The Ungrateful Travelers

Long, long ago two weary travelers decided khổng lồ lie down under a tree. After a while, they felt rested. The two stretched and sat down to have lunch. When they opened their boxes they realized they didn’t have much food left. They looked up at the tree to see if it had any fruit. Unfortunately, there was no fruit. One of the travelers said, “What an awful tree! It bears no fruit.”

The other replied, “What’s the use of a tree that bears no fruit?”

Suddenly, they heard a booming voice, “Ungrateful wretches! Lying in my shade, listening khổng lồ the songs of the birds in my branches, you fell asleep. You woke up refreshed và hungry. Is it my fault that you have no food in your boxes? How am I khổng lồ blame if this is not the season when I bear fruit? Truly unfortunate are you that you vì chưng not count your blessings, or appreciate what you get!”

The two men realized they were wrong và walked away deep in thought.


Two Goats

Two frisky young goats were playing on hills facing each other. Between the hills was a fast-flowing river. The only way khổng lồ cross the river was khổng lồ go across the trunk of an old oak that acted as the bridge.

By afternoon, the goats had both wandered to lớn this bridge. As luck would have it, both of them decided khổng lồ step on the bridge at the same time. The bridge was so narrow that there was no way the two goats could walk past each other. But neither goat wanted khổng lồ give in.

They were young. They had just started knocking heads with others in their herd & here was a ready-made way for them to lớn prove who was stronger. So neither goat backed down. They kept pushing each other và locked horns.

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Suddenly, one of the goats slipped và took the other with it. Had they only been wise enough to give way, they would not have fallen to their deaths.


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