In the world or on the world?

Their impact on the world was not much greater than that of jellyfish or fireflies or woodpeckers.You can"t take your revenge on the world by talking.An analytic perspective on the world around you.I left my mark on the world.Truly the greatest trick someone other than me played on the world.Through that earpiece he had a three-second lead on the world.When a good person dies, there should be an impact on the world.And Nate Haskell is unleashed on the world.She knew his views on the world.I"ve unleashed a monster on the world again.Most mothers use their children khổng lồ make their mark on the world.Take a good idea & push it on the world.I fear we"ve unleashed a great danger on the world.That weakens the Monks" grip on the world.She"s a window on the world without the Monks.Hoffman"s machines keep "projecting representations on the world".Wanted lớn imprint this stamp of positivity on the world.Steam engines are dangerous, và they had tremendous impact on the world - industrial revolution & ships & locomotives.The Scholastic outlook on the world of nature is Aristotelean.They"re afraid of dying without leaving their mark on the world.

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Some examples from the web:

Gaming"s the biggest entertainment industry in the world.Because no other girl in the world compares to lớn you.Most things in the world are insignificant.Luccaonline tool to publicize your business in the world.Represent Europe self-confidently in the world.How missionary martyrs are remembered in the world.Everything that happens in the world of woodworking machines.And everything is right in the world.Attimes I thinkshe feels veryalone in the world.Not a worry in the world.Everything I have in the world is here.Get the right qualifications, make your way in the world.There are lots of children in the world.Had to lớn get out in the world, get dirty.No money in the world can buy laughter.Best potato chips in the world.We are the fourth or fifth largest population group in the world.More than anyone in the world.It"s the number two drug company in the world right after Rossum.You finally have your place found in the world.


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