Hướng dẫn giải giờ đồng hồ Anh 6 Unit 4: Holiday - Progress Check. Đây là sách tiếng Anh được đơn vị xuất phiên bản Đại học Sư phạm thành phố Hồ Chí Minh kiến tạo nhằm cách tân và phát triển những kĩ năng quan trọng cho những em học viên lớp 6 khi học tiếng Anh. Hi vọng, với giải pháp hướng dẫn rõ ràng và giải đưa ra tiết, học sinh sẽ hiểu làm cho bài giỏi hơn.

1. Fill in the gaps with take, have, go, make, visit and play.

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1. Sports 4. A museum

2. A snowman 5. A picnic

3. Swimming 6. A bike ride

=> Answer:

1. Play sports 4. Visit a museum

2. Make a snowman 5. Have a picnic

3. Go swimming 6. Take a xe đạp ride

2. Unscramble the words to find the clothes.

1. Trisk

2. Gelngisg

3. Sfrac

4. Ratnires

=> Answer:

1. Skirt

2. Legging

3. Scarf

4. Trainers

3. Choose the odd word out.

1. Lake - belt - river - waterfall

2. Sunny - cloudy - thin - warm

3. Gloves - hat - cap - boots

4. Trainers - dress - skirt - jeans

5. Rainforest - hot - island - waterfall

=> Answer:

1. Belt

2. Thin

3. Boots

4. Trainers

5. Hot

3. Complete the questions in the Present Continuous with the words in brackets then answer them.

1. ________________ (Julie/swim)?

Yes ________________

2. _________________

(Bob and you/tidy) your room?

Yes ___________________

3. ___________________ (the girls/take) pictures?

No, _________________

=> Answer:

1. Is Julie swimming/ She is

2. Are Bob & you tidying your room?/ We are

3. Are the girls taking pictures/ They aren"t

5. Choose the correct word.

1. Where"s my/mine scarf? I can"t find it/its.

2. We have to/don"t have to be there on time or we will miss the bus.

3. Her/Hers gloves are red. The blue ones are me/mine.

4. Look at their/them! Their kets are the same colour.

5. You have to/don"t have to pack a lifejacket. We can hire there.

=> Answer:

1. My, it

2. Have to

3. Her, mine

4. Them

5. Don"t have to

6. Use will, be going to or Present Continuous & the verbs in brackets to lớn complete the gaps.

1 A: Look at those clouds!

B: It ________ (rain).

2. A: It"s really hot in here!________(open) the window.

3 A: What are your plans for the weekend?

B: We________(go) khổng lồ the theatre. Here are the tickets.

4. A: Are you going out?

B: Yes I________(see) Ann at 8 o"clock.

5. A: Be careful! You________(drop) the boxes.

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B: Can you help me, please?

6. A: vày you want to come with us?

B: No, thanks. I think I________(have) a sandwich and go khổng lồ bed.

7. A: Is Steve back?

B: I think he________(not/come) back before 7 o"clock.

=> Answer:

1.is raining

2. Will open

3. Am going to go

4. Am going khổng lồ see

5. Will drop

6. Will have

7. Isn"t coming

7. Choose the correct response.

1. A: I love it here in Paris!

B: __________________

a. Really? I do. B. Same here.

2. A: Thank you!

B: ___________________

a. Here! b. No problem.

3. A: Why don"t you ask Mark?

B: ___________________

a. Good idea! b. Take mine.

=> Answer:

1b 2b 3a

8. Read the email and decide if the sentences are R(right), W (wrong) or DS (doesn"t say)


1. Susan is on holiday with her friends.

2. Susan"s khách sạn is near a market.

3 There"s a restaurant at the hotel.

4. It"s not a rainy day today.

5. There aren"t many people at the market

=> Answer:

1T 2DS 3F 4T 5T

9. Listen và mark the sentences R (right) or W (wrong).

1. Nancy"s staying on an island.

2. The weather"s sunny but cold. ❑

3. Right now, Nancy is wearing a dress. ❑

4. She"s eating at a cafe, now. ❑

=> Answer: Đang cập nhật.

10. It"s winter. You are on holiday. Complete a letter to lớn your English friend, Simon (about 50-60 words). Write about where you are, what the weather is like, who you are with, what you are wearing and what you are going khổng lồ do.


=> Answer:

Hi Simon,

Greetings from Ha Long bay. Today it"s hot và sunny.

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Right now, I am on holiday with my family. I"m wearing a xanh dress. I"m going khổng lồ play in Sun World Ha Long Park.