ENGLISH 7 (Unit 4-Unit 6)

I. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others: (1mark):

1. A. Took b.

school c. Food

d. Choose

2. A. Please b.

pleasure c. Easy

d. Teacher

3. A. What b. Who

c. Whered. When

4. A. Hat b.

house c. Hour

d. Hang

II. Choose the best answer: (3marks)

1... Does Lan have science class?

a. When b. What time

c. How long2. History is... Interesting and important subject

a. A b. An

c. The3. Children should... To bed early.

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a. To lớn go b. Go

c. Going4. Lan... Reading books

a. Are b. Is

c. Am5... Don"t you come lớn my house? OK. Let"s go

a. What b. How about

c. Why6. Blindman"s bluff is a...

a. Exercise b. Game

c. Example7... Are you doing?

a. What b. Who

c. When8. Would you like... Badminton?

a. Play b. Playing


9. Does phái mạnh play marbles... Recess?

a. On b. At

c. In10. Mai learns... Lớn use computer

a. How b. When

c. What11. I am... My Math homework

a. Bởi vì b. Doing

c. Lớn do12. Jane is... Beautiful than Hoa

a. More b. The most

c. Fewer

III. Put the verb in correct tense: (2marks)

1. He (travel) to lớn work by car.

...2. The children (play) soccer at the moment.

...3. She (not do) her housework every afternoon.

...4. He (buy) a new hat tomorrow?


IV. Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B (2marks) A B

1- What time is it? a - I’d love to.

2- Would you lượt thích to play basketball? b - It ‘s one o’clock.

3- Let’s play some computer games. c -We sometimes play marbles.

4- What vì you usually do? d - Good idea.

V. Read and answer the questions: (2 marks)

Hello, my name "s Lan. I"m a student in grade 7. I go to lớn school 6 days a week. I often walk lớn school. My classes start at6:45 và finish at 11: 15. At school I learn about many things. My favorite subject is English. But I don"t like Math becauseit"s difficult. At recess, I usually chat with my friends, sometimes I play skipping rope or eat some snacks. I lượt thích to go fishingwith my father after school.


...2. How does she often go lớn school?

...3. Does Lan never eat at recess?

...4. What does Lan bởi after school?


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(UNIT 4- UNIT 6)

I. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the others: (1marks): 1. A

2. B3. B4. C

II. Choose the best answer: (5marks)

1. A2. B3. B4. B5. C6. B7. A8. C9. B10. A 11.b


III. Put the verb in correct tense: (2marks)


2. The children are playing soccer at the moment.3. She doesn"t bởi vì her housework every afternoon.

4. Will he buy a new hat tomorrow?

IV. Match the sentences in column A with the sentences in column B (2marks)

1 - b ; 2 - a ; 3 - d ; 4 - c

V. Read & answer the questions: (2 marks)

1. Lan is in grade 72. She walks lớn school.

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3. No, she doesn"t.4. Lan goes fishing with her father.


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Bài 1: Chọn từ phù hợp để điền vào khu vực trống.

1. We have four .... Today: Math, History, English & Music.a. Classes b. Schedules c. Activites d. Classrooms2. I like English most . It"s my .... Subject.a. Interesting b. Favorite c. Important d. Difficult3. In .... I learn khổng lồ cook and what our bodies need.a. Physics b. Literature c. Home Economics d. History4. In Geography, we study the world, .... Rivers & mountains.a. Its b. It"s c. It d. Our5. Schools in the USA are a little different .... Schools in Viet Nam.a. At b. With c. From d. For6. American students have two .... Each day.a. 20-minutes breaks b. 20-minute breaksc. 20–minute break d. 20–mintutes break7. The United State"s Library of Congress is one of .... Librariesin the world.a. Larger b. Largest c. The largest d. The most large8. Thank for all your help?- ..... .a. You"re welcome b. I vày likec. Good job d. That"s not badHiển thị đáp án

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Bài 2: Chia động từ.

1. What .... Lan & Hoa (do) .... Now?- They (read) .... Books in the library.2. We (arrive) .... Around six tomorrow.3. Hurry up! We (wait) .... For you.4. Phái mạnh (go) .... Lớn the English club every Saturday.5. He is learning (play) .... The guitar.6. My father (travel) .... Lớn Nha Trang next week.7. I have a computer, but I (not use) .... It much.8. You can (find) .... Math books on the racks in the middle.Hiển thị đáp án

1. Are...doing – are reading.2. Will arrive3. Are waiting4. Goes5. Lớn play6. Is going khổng lồ travel7. Don"t use8. Find

Bài 3: Đặt câu hỏi cho những từ gạch ốp dưới.

1. It"s a quarter past ten.2. We have Chemistry on Wednesday & Friday.3. My family has lunch at 11.30.4. They are playing soccer in the stadium.5. Quang is studying Math.6. The children are going to lớn the museum by bus.7. The school library has about two thousand book.8. You can find newspaper on the rack near the librarian"s desk.Hiển thị đáp án

1. What time is it?2. When vày we/you have Chemistry?3. What time does your family have lunch?4. Where are they playing soccer?5. What is quang quẻ studying?6. How are the children going to lớn the museum?7. How many books does the school library have?8. Where can I find newspapers?

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Bài 4: Cho dạng đúng của các từ trong ngoặc.

1. History is an .... Subject. (interest)2. They have .... In finding a suitable apartment. (difficult)3. The most popular afer school .... Are football and basketball. (act)4. The company has only 60 .... . (employ)5. The .... Way to travel is by plane (fast)6. Her English is .... Than mine. (good)7. What a .... Party! I"d like to go home. (bore)8. Few students like him. He is an .... Teacher. (popular)Hiển thị đáp án

1. Interesting2. Difficulty3. Activities4. Employees5. Fastest6. Better7. Boring8. Unpopular

Bài 5: Đọc kỹ lá thứ kế tiếp viết TRUE (T) hoặc FALSE (F) mang lại các xác minh sau.

Dear PeterThank you for your letter.It "s very interesting to knowschools in the USAI think school in Viet nam are a little different. Vietnamesstudents usually wear school uniform when they are at school. Classesstart at 7.00 each morning và end at 11.15. Students have a 30-minutebreak after three periods. At break, many students play games. Some goto the canteen và buy something khổng lồ eat or drink. Others talk together.Our school year lasts for nine months, from September lớn May. Then wehave a three–month summer vacation.Please write soon & tell me about your summer vacation.Your friend.Hoa1. Schools in Viet nam are the same as school in the USA.2. There is no school uniform in Viet Nam.3. Classes last from seven to a quarter past eleven.4. Students have a break after the second period.5. Most student play game at break.6. The school year begins in September.7. Summer vacation lasts for three months.Hiển thị đáp án

Bài 6: Viết lại câu.

1. Where do you live?What"s ....................... ?2. The xanh dress is cheaper than the red one.The red dress is ............. .3. Phái nam is taller than any students in his class.Nam is the ................... .4. We have a break that lasts thirty minutes.We have a .................... .5. When is your birthday?What"s ....................... ?6. It"s difficult to lớn find an apartment in Ha Noi.It"s not ..................... .

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Hiển thị đáp án

1. What"s your address?2. The red dress is more expensive than the xanh one.3. Phái nam is the tallest student in his class.4. We have a thirty–minute break.5. What"s your date of birth?6. It"s not easy to lớn find an apartment in Ha Noi.