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Bài chủng loại 1:

Videogames have both benefits và drawbacks. There are some advantages including entertainment, improving your speed & thinking as well as reflections lớn different situations. People usually play clip games when they feel bored or stressed, so these games relieve their stress & boost people’s energy. Besides, most games favor the development of xúc tích to solve problems through puzzles and riddles, which improve the player"s ability khổng lồ face troubles and giảm giá khuyến mãi with issues. Some games even require a smart brain to lớn solve the puzzle. However, there are some advantages as well. First, clip games can addict the players, which waste their time và energy. Sometimes the players play so much one trò chơi that they are obsessed with the game và so reduce their concentration ability. Additionally, there are many games containing violence and crime, which seriously affects the players. Recently, there have been many criminals, who were affected by violent games, causing terrible crimes. That’s why parents always prevent their children from playing video games in spite of the fact that they also have certain benefits. In conclusion, I suppose that people should control themselves & their children when playing video games.


Bài mẫu 2:

In the past, I always thought that game online was a bad thing, because there were many people studying lazily and making their parents worry because of playing games too much. But when I grow up, I realize that I mistake passion for addiction. As the same, game online always has advantages & disadvantages.

The hotter a method of entertainment becomes, the more young people try it. They don’t need to know how the trò chơi is. They will spend time on it, forget lớn work on the exercise, neglect their study at school. At first, they want to keep up with the trend but then, it’s hard for them to lớn leave out that habit, which leads khổng lồ serious consequences. They attach importance on win, spend a lot of money on trò chơi to satisfy themselves. They forget that playing trò chơi is just a means of entertainment after stressful classes so they easily get addicted.

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However, there are some advantage of trò chơi online. Firstly, we can react in the fastest way in all circumstances, we can become a game creator & have good team-work skills. Secondly, we can explore the way of any game that is controlled, find the rules in each game & developed their idea in the future. You can also have best friend and live more responsibly. The most important thing is that people who play trò chơi have happy time, relax khổng lồ concentrate on learning or working.

trò chơi online is not bad, but their way play make it become bad. Let try on playing a trò chơi one time & you won’t feel disappointed.

Bài chủng loại 3:

Today we no longer see some folk games such as blindfolded goat or hide-and-seek but rather online games. As usual, the graphics in these games are designed very lively with catchy sound effects. Especially the scene in the game is programmed as real, many players are attracted khổng lồ the virtual world. Games online have influence on the nervous system, make the mind become fuzzy, confused between the real world & the virtual. A lot of people thus thua kém the ability to control themselves, become violent, fight as if they are in the trò chơi to prove themselves talent. Playing games also costs a lot of time và money, some parents vày not give their children money to lớn play games. As a result, they arise the habit of stealing, which is very bad. There are a lot of students who are very obedient, the pride of their family, because they are too much addicted khổng lồ games online that neglect school study, size themselves bad habits, affect badly lớn health. The most important thing is that today"s online games have become an indispensable part of their lives và they themselves have not been properly aware of the unintended consequences. Now it is the time to make the alarm bell, point out khổng lồ young people the right perception of online games.

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Bài mẫu 4

I find playing online games very interesting. It can tư vấn me to feel relaxed everyday after a tiring time of learning at school. I usually like to play online chess. It is exciting và challenging. It also helps me lớn make friends online. It helps me to lớn think over everything before acting. However, I always limit my time playing online games. Because I think playing too many online games makes me tired. My eyes are often soring. My mother always reminds me khổng lồ study hard, so I know what is most important lớn me. Playing online games only helps me to relax a little. So I advise you to work hard at school, và just spend a little time playing online games, no matter how much you like it.